After the verdict

What to do after the verdict.  

If the verdict is guilty, then the dog warden will give the dog owner the paperwork to have the dog deemed dangerous.  The defense might try to appeal, especially if they have an attorney.  Then the case would go to the Common Pleas Court.  You would be provided with a District Attorney or an Assistant District Attorney if the charges were filed by the police or the dog warden.  If you filed the charges you would use your own attorney. The court may deny the appeal if the evidence is strong enough against the dog.  

If the verdict is not guilty, and it was prosecuted by the state, you  cannot appeal.  This can feel unjust.  Acceptance can be hard and may take time with which to come to terms.   Know that you tried to do the right thing, as a victim getting justice for your attack, and trying to prevent further attacks from occurring to others.  

If you haven't already started therapy, now may be a good time.  The guidance of a trained professional can help you and your loved ones move on from a painful chapter in your life.  

Moving Forward


Now is the time to focus on healing and moving forward.  Dog attacks affect everyone differently.  Some people are more affected than others.  There's no right or wrong way to heal,

we must go at our own pace.  Know you or your loved ones limitations and don't place yourself in situations that may trigger you.  Practice self care.  You've been through an emotional and physical ordeal and only you know what's best for you and your loved ones.  

Reaching out to a professional if you haven't already may

be a good idea.  

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