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Outside, Inside, Stay and Play

Safe Dog PA created 'Outside, Inside, Stay and Play' to educate young children on how to behave around dogs.  To be clear, unless there was intentional harm inflicted on a dog to cause it to attack, it is never the victim's fault when they are bitten or attacked.  In addition, there are attacks that can not be foreseen, no matter how vigilant or careful you're being.  

However, if people, in particular children, can learn skills to not only avoid a bite, but safely enjoy the company of a dog- and vice versa- all the better! 

Why Outside, Inside, Stay & Play?

We wanted to make a program that is easy for children to understand and remember.  Safe Dog PA worked with members of the Dog Advisory Board  and the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement to craft the best ways for children to practice safety around dogs. How to interact with dogs outside, how to interact with dogs inside a home, what to do if a dog approaches them, and ways to safely have fun with dogs!

We created an 20 page interactive coloring book that can be downloaded, or you can place an order for a printed and stapled copy at

We also created  teaching materials to work with the coloring book.  Please check them out!

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