Our view on BSL

Some people call for Breed Specific Legislation, where certain breeds of dogs are either banned or given restrictions because of their breed.  Others are against this as they consider it breed discrimination. We do not take a stand either way on this issue at this time.  We do acknowledge the prevalence of more powerful breeds in everyday communities now.  Lots of law abiding and responsible people own them.  However, because of their prevalence, and since there is no BSL, the Dangerous Dog Law should be loophole-free for the safety of the communities throughout Pennsylvania. 

No doubt there are varying views.  Some will always think the dog was provoked and do not believe that a dog can be dangerous.  Others want certain breeds to be banned.  At Safe Dog PA, we opt for the position that once a dog has viciously attacked, or caused severe injury, no matter it's breed, something must be done to prevent further victims. This is the responsible thing to do, both by the owner of the dog and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


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