Senate Bill 798

& Senate Bill 663


Currently, there are two bills in the Senate that seek to improve and update the current dog law in Pennsylvania. 

Senate Bill 798 seeks to remove the need to prove vicious propensity or a history of attacks in order for a dog to be deemed dangerous if a dog has done the following:

1. Severely injured a human on public or private property unprovoked.  2. Killed or severely injured a domestic animal on public property unprovoked. 

The bill also provides a common sense definition of the word "unprovoked". 

We believe if SB 798 is signed into law, the outcome will be more safety for Pennsylvania's communities, and peace of mind for those affected by severe dog attacks.  Citizens and their loved ones, including their pets, deserve safety when they behave peaceably and lawfully.  

Senate Bill 663 seeks to make sure the Dog Law Restricted Account (DLRA) is able to stay solvent in order to preform its functions.  These include: investigating dog bites, picking up stray dogs, inspecting kennels, and offering reimbursements for damage to livestock caused  by dogs.  It is also used to grant money to shelters taking in strays from dog wardens.  All of these services are at risk right now.  There has been no rate increase for dog licenses in the past 20 years; thus the price has not kept up with inflation.  For essentially the cost of a chew toy, the increase in dog licenses would keep all these extremely important services intact. 

Please consider supporting these important bills to keep the both the citizens of Pennsylvania and the dogs of Pennsylvania safe and cared for.

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