Who We Are

    Safe Dog PA is a non-profit founded to rectify the void in both support, education, and advocacy for victims of dog bites and attacks in Pennsylvania.  There are over one thousand dog bites in PA every year, yet few resources for the victims.  We believe there are many people and families suffering from the trauma and aftermath of a dog attack.  While we understand that most dog attacks are not intentional, there are still many victims who may have physical and emotional scars- maybe permanently.  

An attack from a dog can be painful and confusing on multiple fronts.  Many times there is minimizing of the attack, victim blaming, or even guilt and victim blaming.  SDPA is here to assist and guide you through what can be a painful time. 

Secondly, Safe Dog PA is designed to be a one-stop-resource for dog safety related issues in Pennsylvania.  Our emphasis is on human safety- at both an individual and community level, and the safety of all pets.  

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